The Halloween Haunt

BOO! Halloween time is one of the spookiest and most fun times of the year. It is a time where you can dress up, act, or be whomever you want! Going from door-to-door to collect a jack-o-lantern full of chocolate, candy, and other treats couldn’t be more thrilling as a kid, but when you get older, the trick-or-treating doesn’t fulfill the excitement the same way it did as a kid. Soon, teens and older people seek adventure in haunted houses and other spooky attractions. Knott’s Berry Farm and Universal Studios Haunted Horror Nights are very popular attractions during this time of year to get frightened and terrorized. Personally I would crawl up in a ball and possibly cry my eyes out if I were surrounded by a clown, masked chainsaw man, zombie, and serial killer. However, I did attend Knott’s Scary Farm with my friends last year and I could handle it, if you count closing my eyes and looking down the entire time in the mazes, and I feel like I could take on Universal Studios now! If you are like me then you will be able to survive in Knott’s. The mazes make you jump at times, but overall it is a good place to go if you are in the the middle of liking scary things.  If you are a person who doesn’t get scared or bothered by creepy, disgusting, and horrifying things, then this will be very exciting for you.Even if you are terrified, a part of you feels excitement and adventure, along with danger and a sense risk. If you are looking for some terror during you Halloween night and don’t mind being chased by killer clowns all night, then forget the candy and go socialize with the ghouls and zombies.

Photo taken by Dave Smith. (cc-by-2.0)


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