Curly VS. Straight Hair

Having curly hair isn’t all that it is made up to be. People always tell me how they wish they had curly locks instead of their hair, but they do not know how much of a hassle having this hair is. The frizz, the knots, and the volume is too much sometimes. Once in a while, I just want to cut it all off, but then I think of how lucky I am to actually have hair. I always envied people with straight hair because it seemed so easy to style and wear while I worried about if my hair tie would stay intact in my hair or break due to the thickness. It must be so nice to just wake up and not worry about how to tame your lion’s mane. Sometimes it is funny to look in pictures and notice that I am the only one out of my friends with curly hair and it sticks out like a sore thumb. Little did I know that many girls with straight hair envy girls with curly hair just as much! Only recently did I figure out that the girls I was always jealous of due to their shiny, perfect hair actually always wanted curly hair. I was surprised. I always got compliments on my curly locks, but I never took it to heart because I always thought straight hair was better. I have learned to embrace having curly hair and be confident, like all girls and guys should be.

Picture taken by Ashlyn Grantham (cc-by-2.0)


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