Too Many Dresses, Too Little Time

As many know, homecoming sewordpressason is approaching quickly and this is one of the most stressful times for us girls to find the perfect dress to wear. Dress shopping is so fun to do, yet such a tedious task at the same time. You have to worry about not getting the same dress as your best friend or your worst enemy. There are so many sites to surf and an endless amount of dresses to try on that anyone could get overwhelmed in an instant. To wear lace or print, bodycon or maxi?! The options are unlimited. Trying on dresses is one of the best parts of dress shopping; putting on a beautiful dress makes you feel like the princess you always wanted to be as a kid. Sadly, the dress you might think is THE ONE may not look that great on you when you try it on but so pretty on display; unfortunately this has happened to me too many times. One of the saddest moments in dress shopping is finding the perfect dress only to find out that they don’t have it in your size. However, when you do see the dress you’re in love with, whether it is online or in person, you’ll know it is the one. If you feel like you can’t find anything, don’t worry, try asking friends where they got theirs and see what sites they have looked at. After getting the dress, the shoes, hair, makeup, and everything else will fall into place and you will have one memorable night.


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