How much is too much?

Today I was eating some chocolate, and I couldn’t stop. I unwrapped one after the other, and I thought to myself that if I continued like this, I would definitley be getting a cavity. Once I start eating something that is delectable, I cannot stop (especially with chocolate). I always tell myself, “This is the last one”, then I grap another piece and say the same thing. It is hard to stop when something is so good. Sometimes even after I am full , I keep undulging just because I like the taste of the food. However, you know you have had too much of something when you start getting sick of whatever it is. The saying, “Too much of a good thing is a bad thing” directly applies to this situation. Eating too much chocolate, for example, is not good for you. This quote can apply to almost anything really, so then we can apply this to other situations and do certain things in moderation.

(cc-by-Dennis Kleine)


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