Lemonade,Crunchy Ice

I was reading a chapter in Sandra Cisneros’s novel, House on Mango Street , and it reminded me of the things I used to do as a kid Esperanza’s age. In the chapter “Hips”, Esperanza and her friends chant songs about boys, their looks, and anything else that rhymes,”I like coffee, I like tea. I like the boys and the boys like me. Yes, no, maybe so. Yes, no, maybe so…” In elementary school my friends and I used to sings songs about the boys we would marry by jumping rope and whatever letter we stopped jumping rope at would be the first letter of the guy’s name. We would also sing other hand-clapping songs like “lemonade”, “mail man”, etc. Jumping rope to the words “Cinderella, dressed in yellow went up stairs to kiss her fellow, made a mistake and kissed a snake, how many doctors did it take 1..2..3…” was so fun because you wanted to be the once who go to the highest number. Sometimes you forget the things you used to enjoy, and it is nice to have your memory jogged to go down memory lane.


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