Death is not an enjoyable thing to think about. As I was reading Sandra Cisneros’s novel, House On Mango Street, a vivid image of death was illustrated in my head through her use of language, “But I knew her sick from the disease the would not go, her legs bunched under the yellow sheets, the bones gone limp as worms. The yellow pillow, the yellow smell, the bottles and spoons.” When Esperanza, the main character, describes the state her aunt is in, it really created a sense of death that is upsetting and sickening to think about. The words used are simple yet produce a graphic, gruesome image like when she says the bones went “limp as worms”. When Cisneros uses the color yellow as an adjective to describe her aunts condition, it makes me think of a musty, gross, and sour environment that she is in. It is sad to think that as one grows older they may need the help they once needed as an infant like being fed, being changed, help going to the restroom, etc. Cisneros uses the reference “bottles and spoons” to demonstrate how when you are a baby you eat with a bottle and spoon,  and as one ages they may need to fed the same way because they are incapable of doing it themselves. Growing older is scary to think about, but it is inevitable, so enjoy every moment you are capable of being in control of yourself.


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