El Día De Los Muertos

This past Saturday I attended El Día De Los Muertos festival , or the day of the dead, in Santa Ana. In Spanish class, we are also talking about where this day originates from and what the offering items signify.  November 1 is the day of the infantiles,or infants, and November 2 is the day of the adults to be celebrated. This is a hispanic celebration in which the dead is celebrated through the construction of ofrendas, or alters, not mourn the death of loved ones, but to remember them. It is a day for the spirits to be with their family and for families to feel their presence.

There is a love for this day and culture like I have not seen before. Everyone has skull-like face painting and the women are dressed in Spanish style dresses. There are many vendors and tons of authentic Mexican food to try. It is interesting to stroll down 4th street and admire all of the alters made by families, friends, clubs, organizations, etc. for loved ones or famous figures that have died. The decorations and colors draw in the eye with the vibrancy and sentimental means. The music played is really fun to listen and dance to because there is traditional music played and new types played by young artists.

I love seeing all kinds of different ethnicities observing this celebration and traditions of another culture. It is great to see a tradition like this bring different kinds of people together to celebrate.


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