To Be or Not to Be: Presidential Edition

If not all, many Americans are stunned by the presidential election that had taken place. It definitely made history because it was and is something that has never happened before. The attitudes and scandals that the candidates have been accused of are horrendous and for either of them to be the head of our future for the next 4 years is crazy to consider. In Mickey Edwards’s article, “The country needs a graceful loser in this election. The future of American democracy depends on it”, the discussion of whether either one of the candidates is fit for the position comes into question when declaring who the new president will be. I am bewildered by how the election has gotten this far based on the reaction to many Americans and their feelings toward both Clinton and Trump. It was inevitable for one of them to win and now it is necessary for the losing party to support the winning side to demonstrate that the rest of the nation needs to stay united. The losing party shows their true colors and feelings toward our country when congratulating the winner, just as Edwards discusses, “ Clinton and Trump attempted to sell themselves to us as people who truly love America. How they comport themselves if they lose the election will tell us whether that’s true.” Opposite supporters or citizens that do not like either party need to give the new president a chance rather than judge them because like it or not, the people have chosen the new leader.

(cc-by-Veronica Hoever)


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