Tell me ’bout the good ol’ days

I recently interviewed my great-grandfather for a class assignment. This interview included myself asking questions about his early life, marriage, friends, and experiences throughout his life. I love hearing the stories he tells me about his life when growing up in “the good old days”. My grandpa tells the best stories to my family and me about how the city we live in was so different before all of the buildings and industrialized atmosphere. I enjoy hearing about how he fell in love with my great-grandmother because today I feel it is hard to find true love like theirs. The way he talks about life seemed so much more peaceful back then. While he describes his experiences, I admire him as his facial expressions change and his mood lightens when he tells his tales about his life ; I see how narrating the stories brings him back to the times they occurred. It is very wonderous how being told a story can transform one into the story itself and illustrate the time they are talking about.

There seemed to have been more people who lived in the moment and the entireĀ ambience of the 50’s and 60’s appeared to be a happy and lovely time to live.



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