People in Poverty

I recently watched a documentary about the poor in Guatemala and I was saddened by the things I heard and saw. Many poor communities over there do not have a stable job or income and sometimes do not know where they are going to get their next meal from.

Unfortunately, some families cannot afford the supplies to send their kids to school, and their kids may have to get a job to help support the family. It is crushing to hear the young children say that they are going to be a ‘farmer’ when they grow up because they feel that they  might not have any options. The kids grow up around farming and  many of their parents are farmers so they believe that is what is in the cards for them.

These kids in poverty will never get out of this place and will give up on their dreams so easily because in order to survive, they need to work to earn money and do not have time to dream about something that will not help them in their current situation that might never happen.

I have always thought I have been grateful for what I have, but now I try to take an extra second and give thanks because some places are not as fortunate as us that have more resources.



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