Pipeline Protest

How horrible it is to think that one can get beaten and devalued for speaking and supporting what they believe in. As many know, there has been construction occurring in North Dakota, building a gas pipeline by invading Native people’s land. It is very appalling to know that those who have money can control a lot of people and things in the world.

This article, Clashes, arrests and fears — North Dakota pipeline protest at a boiling point, shares a little more with us about what the police and protesters are doing in North Dakota. We are enlightened that the police have been macing protesters and abusing them with batons because they have been crossing over the boundary lines, but this is no excuse for innocent people to be harmed, especially on land that was originally theirs.

Just recently, veterans had to come out to the protest just so that the police officers would not harm them. Veterans coming out to support this cause spoke on new levels and finally the officers responded to that. How are police officers supposed to harm veterans that have taken the same oath as them?

Continuing the construction of the pipeline is unfortunate because it violates the Native people’s land and rights that have been stripped from them. Sooner or later, if the pipeline is built, it will break and pollute the river.




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