The Real From The Fake

People are so susceptible to believing anything they see online in today’s day in age. This could be dangerous because if someone believes something that is said online that may not be true, they could spread this information to others and one can take action to do something harmful to someone or something.

According to a study, more than 80% of a class believed that the alleged story of daisies becoming disfigured due to radioactivity was true just because of the picture they saw. However, technically speaking, there was no probable evidence this picture provided that validated the claim. Who knows if the picture was photo-shopped or if the flowers were even real?


It seems that if people see a picture, serving as evidence to some sort of claim, they will believe it because people, especially teens and young kids, believe many things they see on the internet. This is not their fault because technology and social media is what they grew up knowing, but the way they use it should be changed.

A study conducted by Stanford “evaluated people’s ability to assess information” and they found that the results were less than pleasing. Nuclear Flowers

If the young members of society, our future leaders of the world, keep on making social media the number one priority in their lives and not being able to tell the difference between the real and the fake, then our society is in some trouble.





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