Cozy Cuisines

Who doesn’t love to eat? It is a necessity to life and a blessing. We all know sometimes we go overboard when eating because it’s just so good.

The foods we love most are comfort foods. Ever wonder why?

I was reading an article from the Boston Herald, by Robin Mather and was curious to explore this topic a little more. Of course, the food one considers comfort food totally depends on them and what they like to eat. Comfort food is a dish that provides happiness to you when you eat it and fills you with warmth. This food may take you back to a treasured time during your childhood that when you eat it, it makes you feel secure and at home.

The foods one finds comforting may have been prepared by a family member that you loved, and now every time you make it, you think of them.

I love southern style home-cooked food because when I was little, my grandma would make the best country style dishes for my whole family because she had grown up in the south.

When you are having a bad day, crack open the cabinet and make something that makes you feel at home.





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