New Year, New Me?

We are now in 2017, and every year about 41% of Americans make a new year’s resolution, but only about 9.2% of those people believe that succeeded their goal, according to Statistic Brain. What does that say about people?

Those who don’t accomplish their resolution relapse after making it. Whether their resolution is to lose weight or quit smoking, the ones who do not accomplish their goal think that they will just smoke that one cigarette and then that will be the last time or have that cheat day to eat whatever they want. The thing they may not realize is that they are giving into their habit and if they think it is okay that one time, then they will think it is okay the next time until they are back to their old habits and their resolution is unaccomplished.

People want to believe they will change so it makes them feel good about themselves, but the reality is that most of them give up on their goals, statistically speaking.

What will you do? Don’t be included in that statistic that doesn’t accomplish their goal.

Statistics from

(cc-by-Moe Moosa)





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