Rain, Rain DON’T Go Away

Over the past couple of weeks, Southern California has been receiving a heavy amount of rain, thankfully. SoCal has been in need of some rain over the last couple of years and has been in a significant drought.

This past weekend it has been raining to the point where there are flash floods. I looked outside the window and saw the water flooding over the curbs and collecting into pools. There was a loud sound, and I realized it was coming from my cellphone so I looked at it and noticed that I had received a flash flood warning.

The riverbeds that were once bare are now on the verge of over flowing with water, potentially flooding streets.

It can be a tad scary in these kinds of situations when floods are occurring in your city or cities near you because it can be hard to drive and many accidents can occur. Some people’s home become flooded so everyone should be aware of things they can do to help divert the rain from flooding certain areas, like putting sandbags where it is likely to flood to reduce the amount of rain coming in that area.

However, we are fortunate to be getting this rain to help free us from the drought.

(cc-by-Javier Vieras)


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