After reading a passage by Lucinda Rosenfeld, “Notes on the Upper Middle”, I thought of Gatsby being ashamed of his past and where he came from, just like some people today are ashamed of being on welfare or receiving assistance someway. The ones that need help are looked down upon when they should be the ones that the more fortunate people should strive to help. They feel ashamed because of the labels and classes that society has created to categorize people based on how much money they have.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have set up trust funds, go to private schools, etc., so for the ones that do not have these advantages, need to work harder to accomplish similar goals.

Lucinda expresses how she was ashamed of how her parents would always buy the cheaper products and it made her feel like she was in the lower end of the middle class, “Yet their apparent need to purchase the cheapest cars/televisions/sneakers/even cuts of meat filled me with resentment, shame and longing.” She ended up feeling  like they couldn’t

Gatsby wanted to create a greater image of himself to be good enough for Daisy. Even when he was little, he knew he was destined to be something greater than his life as a farmer. Gatsby was embarrassed of his past so he never told anyone and tried to elevate his life to become respected and looked up to.


Image: (cc-by-Alan Levine)


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