Not enough play?

My teacher had showed us a video about how the act of playing in today’s age has become less relative. I became intrigued while listening to his evidence and theories, some of which I agreed with and some I didn’t.

Yes, play has declined over the years due to many more factors than many may assume. The easiest reason to blame would be because of the internet, which I am not denying as a factor because it surely is, however the world is a different place today than it used to be.

There is much more for parents to worry about now. Parents did not have to worry about their kids as much back then, they trusted the neighborhoods and society more. Now, there appears to be more dangerous people than ever before from kidnappers-rapists-gang members-and just crazy people.

There is so much new technology, now, that kids rather stay in the house on their iPads playing games than actually going outside to partake in activities.

(cc-by-in pastel)


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