Whenever I blog, I enjoy writing about things that are interesting to me or that I like. With no surprise,the category that I blog most in is the “Delight” category. The top 5 tags I have used have been technology, school, play, question, and story. All of these words have an important tole that comes along with them in my life. If they had no value to me, I would not be using them to write more than once.

In  the past I have written about social, political, personal, and fun things because the topics interested me enough to elaborate more on them.The Squid elements I have used most are questioning more of the passages I read and investigating more on topics that I believe have more depth to them.

The patterns I notice are that I talk a lot about components of my lifethrough my blogging. I try to relate topics back to stories I have been told or tell. I find a common connection that can be made between dofferent topics so that I can express my experience while talking about the original topic at hand.

The topics I return to again and again are about things in the world that strike an interest with me, probably because I want something to change about the problems. I also find myself talking about my family or friends quite a bit; I refer back to them often because they are such a big part of my life and in a lot that I do. The squid elements I return to again and again may be investigating topics because I want to know more about or go into more depth with the topic.

I could expand on this post of mine because ther are so many different perspectives about the subject and many ways to approach the topic. Not Enough Play?

(cc-by-Sandra Konrad)


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