Little Mistakes Make Big News

Proving that you can spell correctly is a great attribute because it demonstrates intelligence.

After reading Allan Fallow’s article, “Spelling’s not for eveyrone, Mr. Precedent”,  I thought about how incorrect spelling can be portrayed negatively to people, especially if you are the leader of the United States. President Trump misspelled words like  “shocker” (“shoker”) and “choker” (“chocker”). These are simple words that I believe anyone should be able to spell, him especially considering how successful he is in business. 

However, I do understand spelling mistakes once in a while, maybe he was in a hurry or some things just happen. The thing is that he is the President, thus people expect there to be no mistakes whatsoever and if there is, there are critics just waiting to condemn him.

What I find interesting is that there are people in our country that can’t even speak ENGLISH, let alone spell, but we just them slide? How is that fair? I understand that the United States welcomes refugees and immigration, there is nothing necessarily wrong with that, however those who come to this country should have enough respect to try to learn the language of the country along with having knowledge of their own.

In regards to Trump, you should know how to spell these words, considering your position, however something like this does not necesarily define you as the President because there are far more important responsibilites you have.

(cc by Rich Daley)


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