More Money, More Problems The Debit of Life

While listening to a presentation of college and financial debt, I began to really consider my options. I always worry about college: where I want to go, what career path I want to follow in, and how much debt I am going  to be in.

College tuition, books, and classes will leave you broke and in debt for years after college. Instead of starting a new endeavor in life, you will be spending years, worrying, paying off money and not enjoying life. How is one supposed to get ahead when they have a financial burden hanging over their head?

Universities and colleges are charging so much money to attend that students are scared to attend because of the amount of future debt they will have to pay off! It is a shame for someone to not be able to attend their dream college because they would not be able to afford it.

College is a place to experience life and learn new things, but they cannot do this when they do not even have the money to attend the college. And if they can scrape up enough cash to attend, they will be worrying about the debt they will have to pay off for the next twenty years.

Something in this unfortunate system needs to change and help students instead of hurting them.

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