The amount of food that is wasted every year is horrendous. Considering there are people in the world that die everyday due to lack of food, it is horrible that something that could save someone’s life is being wasted. 

After watching a video about wasted gallons of milk, Expired? Food Waste In America,  I learned that 160 billion pounds of food are wasted each year. In Montana, gallons and gallons of milk are being thrown away because if they don’t get sold by the “sell by” date, then they are trashed. Many people see the sell by date and often confuse it with the expiration date, but this is completely false. The expiration date can be a week later, or longer.

The milk is thrown away after the sell by date even though the milk will still be good to drink. I’m addition to wasting the perfectly good milk, the ,still good, milk cannot be donated anywhere. If the milk was to be donated to homeless shelters or any other place in need, then this wouldn’t be as huge of an issue, since that is not the case, something needs to be done.



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