A Year In The Making

This school year has passed by far more quickly than I had expected. The year has had its twists and turns with unexpected things occurring, but I have developed new skills that I can work on to be more successful in the future in life and in my writing career.

I enjoyed writing the descriptive essays that we based off of the “Rice” essay because I got the opportunity to write about someone that I love and that made me enjoy writing the essay a little more. As a writer, a strength of mine is that I am able to integrate outside texts and relate them to my topic or theme of my paper or discussion. My strengths are evident in my blog piece, “Deporting People…Deporting Jobs?” I try to relate a small detail from a passage, poem, etc. and relate it back to the book or any reading we discuss in class.

I still need to work on my use of description because I use more abstract words when describing something when I could be using concrete words and nouns to create a better image to imagine when reading more works.

My teacher, Mr. Ziebarth has helped me the most when trying to improve my writing from abstract to concrete because when we sit down one-on-one, he gives me advice on how to be more descriptive and points out where in my writing I need to revise the words I choose.

I have read many greatly know pieces of work this year, and as a writer, I have learned to use more description in my works instead of using abstract words to describe an image for the reader to imagine. I have also learned that you…

What helped me as a writer, as well as a learner, was when we had to revise other essays anonymously and score them because I got to read other pieces of work from my peers so see how they analyzed something and used style analysis to write an essay. I received good feedback from those people because it was unbiased in the sense that they did not know who I was, therefore they could be honest about what they thought about my writing. Another thing that helped me learn this year was creating a blog account and posting on their weekly. When Mr. Z gave us a weekly source, I especially felt like I was learning something because after reading an article, poem,or looking at a picture given, I became more aware about what is going on in the world and it enlightened me on so many events that were current at the time.

If I had done something differently, it would be to ask for more input on my work from Mr. Ziebarth and fellow classmates.

I applied my learning of writing essays like argumentative/persuasive essays in my AP Spanish class because we had to practice writing persuasive essays to prep for the AP Exam. By learning certain strategies from writing, I was able to apply my prior knowledge to another subject of my life. I also have learned to not be afraid to participate more in class because whenever I contribute, I feel more confident each time. By contributing, I added my own perspective on things that sparked other conversations to start.

I feel like I made my classmates think more and contribute more by starting discussions in class and bringing up topics that maybe weren’t thought of or discussed. I helped push my classmates by giving them feedback on their writing to help them get a better idea of how they could improve and change their methods. While doing the Zine project, my partners and I collaborated by deciding what main theme we should focus the zine on and how we should design the layout.

This year, we have had the privilege of reading very well-known pieces of work such as The Grapes of Wrath, The Great Gatsby, and most recently The Catcher in the Rye. A question I wanted to focus on while reading is, what role does the use of words have on humans beings? The easy answer is that we use words on a daily basis to communicate what is on our minds. However, there is so much more to the use of words than we express. In life, words are used to create relationships between people and make connections. In Holden’s case, his choice of words keep him from making certain connections like when he is hanging out with Sally and he lets his inner thoughts slip,”You give me a royal pain in the ass, if you want to know the truth.”(p 148) By Holden using these very negative to Sally, a girl he wants to make a connection with,he ruins his chance of making a relationship with her because nobody would want to be talked to like that. All Holden wants is someone to talk to and he cannot seem to make a succesful connection with anyone he talks to beacuase of his big mouth; he says the first thing that pops into head. Even the taxi cap drivers don’t want to listen to him because of the random questions he’s asking. If Holden were to use his words more wisely and interact a little more friendly and properly, he may have made more connections with people along the way.

I shared my learning experiences through posting on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress. I would write about what we did in class that day, post a picture of an assignment and add a caption or description, or blog about a matter we discussed in our outside of class. By using resources like social media sites, it makes it more enjoyable to talk and discuss literature and activities from class because we can interact through applications that we enjoy using.

As a result, I would receive likes and comments from other students and teachers discussing the same topics or interested in the subject because I would use hashtags that related to the subject of the writing or picture. I would then respond and start a discussion, then one topic would  lead to another.

I can prove my learning to my teacher and the world by using the internet to network my work to others around the world. I can utilize the internet and publish my work for others to view; I can send links of my work to my teachers for them to read and look at.

(cc-by-Alyse Turq ❤)


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